DOSBOX and Reading


Using Dosbox

A speed-reading program is not a race, it is a metronome-for-your-eyes. Programs of this

sort, especially the better ones, teach focus and concentration whether you are reading to

scan, comprehend, or read intensively. The FTP directory on this website holds several

DOS based files, which are brought to life with DOSBOX. Download DOSBOX (BOXER for MAC);

Install it for your operating system. Follow Setup with one of the guides listed below.

Once you have dosbox setup, Use “Eyerobics,” from Bud Foote’s Speed Reading Tutor, found in the FTP

directory——to begin your journey to lifelong reading mastery, fast and slow, for

free on your home computer. A speed reading program is a metronome for your eyes. Buy

Foote’s book; Speed Reading Tutor for the complete curriculum.

Dosbox for Beginners-newbie-and-first-timers-guide

Running DosBox

Using Dosbox

YouTube Dosbox Tutor

YouTube Setup Dosbox


Setup Dosbox

Use Dosbox

Dosbox instructed

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